Open Classes - Live Model Figure Drawing Sessions

Walk-in Figure Drawing Class Sessionsbollenbach_class
by Seattle artist and Instructor Jamie Bollenbach.
Wednesdays 5-7:30 PM at A and C Supply
Thursdays, 5-7 PM at Daniel Smith in Seattle
$15 first Session, $17 thereafter, $75 Five Session Card
College/ Limited Income $50 Five Session Card
"Drawing directly from a real human being fills the artwork with the living body in real space, and real time, changing and changed by the fully conscious visual mind."  - Jamie Bollenbach

There is nothing like figure drawing to get artists into the crucial habit of seeing human beings in the real world through their own eyes. Seeing and drawing living models inspired artists throughout our history; even the explosion of digital media only created new demand for this fundamental artistic skill.

These live model sessions offer light, open instruction to help you develop the timeless techniques for drawing the live human form. There are no requirements or prerequisites, but we offer professional feedback at the level you want.  

The Instructor's ten years of teaching experience shapes a gentle but powerful session:  we present careful observation and realism, but always as a grammar for the expressive poetry and visual experiment of Art - a college-level class without the cost or stress.

From architects to designers, from new students to experienced professional artists, you're always welcome to drop-in and use your own techniques with this friendly, grow-at-your-own-pace group. All skill levels are welcome.

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